How to Analyze page view, content view, Events in Google Analytic

In last Article we knew about how to configure Google Analytic. In this Article we will discuss about how to analyze our page views, currently active user, Events etc.

For getting the report you have to login with your google analytic account for your website. In the home tab you have to select All data link for particular website (if you configured many website).

You will get redirect to Reporting tab. In the left side menu of google analytic reporting page you will find the sections like Real Time, Audience,Behavior etc.

Now start with one by one :

Real Time : If you click on “overview” link under “Real Time” section, Shown with red mark in below screenshot.

You can see currently active visitor on user website with Top active pages and location map.



Audience : When you click on “Overview” link under “Audience” section you will get the visitor session, total visitor, total page view by visitor etc. with new visitor and returning visitor graph. You can select the date from calendar to see last 60 days report, 6 month report so on. (See below Screenshot)



Behavior : Under this section you can find the visited page urls by the visitor, unique page view, bounce rate etc. you can select site speed section for speed report. site search section for search engine report, Events section for your custom event. we will see how to create event on GA in next Article.



Hope this Article will help you, if you find any issue or query you can hit on the comment. I will get back to you ASAP 🙂