How to configure google analytic in your website.

If you already have a google account you can directly sign up in to google analytic using that account or create new account.

Below you can see the sign up form for GA.


After filling all the information you can click on “get Tracking Id” button. It will redirect to admin page or you can go by clicking on Admin tab. see below screenshot :


By clicking on tracking info link shown under red marked box, you can find your tracking code. You can find your tracking code in script format as well as PHP format.

your tracking Id will be “UA-********-1” something like that. see below screenshot.



Implement google analytic in Drupal : Drupal has own module for google analytic, you can downlod from here

After installing this module you have to configure only tracking Id start with “UA-” in the module configuration. After saving the configuration google analytic will start tracking your page views for entire website site.

Implement google analytic using script : If you don’t want to add custom module or not using any CMS like drupal, wordpress etc. you can configure google analytic by copy and pasting the full script code in your index.php file or individual file (tracking only individual page).

This article will help you to configure google analytic in your website. If you have any doubt you can comment on this I will get back to you shortly.

Thanks for reading this Article 🙂