How To Create Archive With Taxonomy Term Using Drupal View

What is Archive:


To show your nodes or content category wise or list your content month or year wise with a total number of nodes/content count in particular category or month/year.

In the left side image you can see the archive as month wise.

It is very easy to create archive in drupal using drupal view

Basic terminology:

  • Taxonomy: The name of Drupal’s core (included) module for classification.
  • Category: The label used in the Administer area for configuring taxonomy. Also, the name of a contributed (add-on) module for classification.
  • Vocabulary: A group of taxonomy terms.
  • Term: A label (of a taxonomy vocabulary) that can be applied to an item.
  • Labels, Tags: other words that are sometimes loosely applied to mean the same thing as “Term.”

Creating Archive using taxonomy term:

Suppose you have following taxonomy terms


And the contents are

1 Blog – Business, Technology
1 Blog – Lifestyle, Technology, Politics
1 Blog – Business, Politics

And you want the Archive Page/Block as

  • Business (2)
  • Lifestyle (1)
  • Politics (2)
  • Technology (2)

You can achieve this by using drupal views

Step 1: Create a new view of content.


Step 2: Add a contextual filter.

Under the Advance option click on contextual filter and add the filter as  Content: Has taxonomy term ID



Base Path is your blog page path.