Last Working Day …… ( 2+ Year Compleated at Webaccess ) !!

When I joined this company 2 year back, I was totally new in this company’s culture and it was a hard time to match with it.

it was the great start of my carrier and that was my first time in #Mumbai, from that day I became known as software enginner but only outside the company inside it was known as trainee.

The first day I known that in which technology I have to work on Java, .Net or php I was excited for what I will learn in training. I think it was honeymoon period 🙂

Finally I was selected for php In the company there was two section one is java and other is php. we also had a java-php border somthing like india pakistan border. 

But it was all about #fun #masti #maza.

After two days of joining my training was started and I got the schedule About technology that was going to teach us. first time I heart about drupal and civicrm in my carrier.I was very exited to learn those new thing.

That 4 months was totaly awesome. I played game on internet, watched movie, cricket … had lots of fun.

Along with it I also completed my assignment,mini project main project by copy paste from google

A year went slowly… now it was the time of  #events #parties and #fun

A lots of games happened in the compny like carom, chess, Antakchari , sudoku , housy , trasure hunt and many more and the most entertainment was cricket.
Fully enjoyed with Lots of annual events like dance, drama, music and the Annual party which was organize at meluha hotel hiranandani with including khana pina dj dance gana….

Finally I have completed 2+ years as WebAccess Employee is something to cherish and brag about :). Not that it is going to change anything, it is always a feel good factor. Sense of getting reborn into a new role itself was something worth as part of this whole experience.

Today was my last day working with you all and I would like to say thank you for everything we had since day one. Thank you for the trainings, advices and tips; it really help me a lot to become a better person and grow professionally. Your guidance and mentoring was truly helpful.

I’m sad to leave but I have to face my new endeavours. You have been so good to me and I would like you to know that I thank you for everything. I will miss you and I will take all your professional advices with me. 

A big Thanks to all my colleague Koustubh, Chirag, Atif, Sandesh, Madhukar, Sunil, Surendra, Manish, Ruchira ( My Sister ) , Archana

My Seniors Pradeep Nayak ,Edsel, Lala, Mayur, Nitesh, Sada, Doru, Nisha, Poonam, Nileema…!! (All are Helped me in lots of projects)

My TL/PM Mahesh sir, Rajesh sir, Manoj sir, Kurund sir, Claudian sir, Sanjay sir….!

All my juniors and all my WA family…. 

Learnt lots of things Drupal, CiviCRM, Apache Solr, SugarCRM, WordPress, Joomla, Payment Processor many more things in my 2 year journey  . 

Thanks a lot Friends miss u all..

I can keep writing this on-and-on, but let me pause and appreciate some good things that did happen –

Great Learning – I have said this to a number of my colleagues. The learning experience that I get just by being inside WebAccess is huge !!! I learn from every single conversation that happen here. Connection with My managers, my teamlead, seniors and juniors ….. (list goes on) is so much fun. I don’t have words to express the same.

Great people and friends – I think this is the best of the best part. I have made some really really great friends in this journey of completing 2 years. Many inside the company and moreso with the interactions, 100’s of them outside the company too. Some of my friends have left WebAccess but are still in constant touch with me. Thanks folks!!!

Passion with Community – The developer and IT Pro community is the buzz for the company and so it is for me too. For the past 2 years and still going strong – I just cant say an opportunity to meet the community leads or the UG members. I just love the community !!!

New Challenges everyday – It sometimes comes down to what am I doing new to keep my interest levels on the high. You will be surprised that, it is not the routine job functions that keep me busy but the new challenges to try and do something new for self and for the customers /audiences in the sessions is what makes everyday drive to the office exciting. It is not always that you get to do what you love, but find opportunity to explore and do your bit to learn what you love the most.

Lastly, as part of public speaking I have managed to get connected with a number of you over on my FB . I have had my moments of joy and moments of embarrassments – it is not not about pondering over them, but it is the enjoyment of reliving and having a good laugh is what makes this complete 2 years really worthwhile.

Thanks for reading this far. Thanks again for supporting me till date – looking forward for the support in future too.

Miss u all

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